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Greater Manchester & Concord
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire
25 Lowell Street #201
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 669-5365 

Greater Nashua & Salem
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire (located at the Boys and Club office)
1 Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 883-4851 
(603) 883-0523

Greater Seacoast
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire
4 Greenleaf Woods Drive #201
Portsmouth, NH 03801 
(603) 430-1140


Greater Keene 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire
310 Marlboro Street
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-9536 


Gregg Burdett, CEO

Melissa Goerbig, VP of Programs
mgoerbig@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2204

Stacy Kramer, VP of Operations
skramer@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2212

Kerry Bradshaw, Match Support Specialist
kbradshaw@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2404

Lauren Bradshaw, Senior Manager of Enrollment & Matching
lbradshaw@bbbsnh.org        (603) 430-1140 x2402

Karen Brook, Special Programs Coordinator
kbrook@bbbsnh.org     (603)352-9536  

Stacy Callahan, Senior Manager of Site-Based Programs
scallahan@bbbsnh.org         (603)669-5365 x2202

Casey Caster, Grant Manager
ccaster@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2232

Brenda Creteau, Customer Service Specialist
bcreteau@bbbsnh.org     (603) 430-1140 x2409 

Lindsay Feinman, Match Support Specialist
lfeinman@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2215 

Jolene Felix, Intake Coordinator
jfelix@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2403  /  1-844-NH4-BIGS

Kate Kelleher, Customer Service Specialist
kkelleher@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2408

Kameo LeLievre, Community-Based Programs Coordinator
klelievre@bbbsnh.org     (603)352-9536  x2302 

Jen Macleay, Special Programs Coordinator
jmacleay@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2404

Mary Ellen McNamara, Match Support Specialist
mmcnamara@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2408

Nicole McShane, Development Director
nmcshane@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2407

Jennafer Purdy, Enrollment & Matching Specialist
jpurdy@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2215

Katie Rand, Manager of Community-Based Match Support
krand@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2411

Amy Raymond, Community Relations Director
araymond@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2405

Mara Robinson, Special Programs Coordinator
mrobinson@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 

Alyssa Salmon, Communications Director
asalmon@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2406

Shantel Surles, Match Support Specialist
ssurles@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2404

Laura Towne, Match Support Specialist
ltowne@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2203 

Jan Williams, Office Manager
jwilliams@bbbsnh.org     (603)430-1140 x2401

Chertina Woodard, Special Programs Coordinator
cwoodard@bbbsnh.org     (603)669-5365 x2210

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